Why I decided to start a blog…

Well, you know there comes a time in everyone’s life where a significant change needs to be made. Up until this point, I have considered my self to be ambitious, self-sufficient, strong-willed, adventurous and maybe even a bit cynical (at times). Then one day it hit me that my life wasn’t panning out the way I’d planned. I was living in what seemed like constant state of chaos, I was angry more than happy and then I started having these very very uncomfortable crying fits. The buck had to stop there! I was fed up and tired. So I weighed my options and said, “First things first I need a bit of love thy self therapy“, and from that the GodivaChronicles was born! This blog is a testimony of my life experiences, the good, bad and indifferent; my silent declaration of change. I hope you can find some inspiration in my words; everyone could use a bit of “love thy self therapy”.

One comment

  1. Megan · July 27, 2015

    I am excited to say, I can’t wait for more to read from you. I too am new this blogging. I needed that significant change in my life. A significantly positive one. So far The Spouse is happy. I’ve been happier and I can’t wait to read more and share more!

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