I’d Rather Not Have to Say…

I’d rather not have to say how strongly I feel about the racial turmoil ripping through America but I will. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. In 2015, after a minor traffic violation (for having a license plate cover) I have to listen to my mother give me the absolute worst tongue lashing of my life about how irresponsible I am because I could’ve been killed. And that’s just the short of it. I know it may seem like overkill but you would believe in 2015 I am in danger of becoming a hashtag #SandraBland #MichealBrown #IfIDieInPoliceCustody, when I am in the presence of a police officer.

I won’t go into the racial divide rhetoric or the “who dun nit” debate but simply say it is again a scary time to be African American. I mean America owes me nothing, I am simply a blip on the radar. But nonetheless, I am a human being and because I exist I should be treated fairly. The ever persistent stereotypes and “backwoods” racial hatred ingrained into the subconscious of  our society, rob me each and every day of my currently dwindling humanity. I risk my life each day by simply existing. And that is something no one can truly understand unless you have lived it. Dining room conversations have turned away from how was school to how you should behave if accosted by a police officer; how to diffuse a situation and be peacefully arrested even if you are well within your rights. And for those who like to bring up “black on black crime” let me give you some bullets to take home:

  • Neighborhood crime is exists everyday.
  • Those of us who live(d) in impoverished neighborhoods with high crime know how to survive.
    • Many of us are (were) simply trying to escape it.
    • Do not judge what you do not know or have not lived.
  • When those living in high crime areas are in need of help who do they call, the police.
    • We are treated like animals simply because of geological location
      • Stereotypes create hysteria and micro-aggression in EVERYONE.
        • Police officers are not different than anyone else so that means they are not exempt from falling victim to micro-aggression, stereotyping, and or acting on ingrained subconscious racial hatred.
  • Police are state appointed officials who have been tasked with upholding the law. But are treated as if they are superior and exempt.

In short, love yourself enough to know when you have had enough. Do not allow this world to cripple you and make you docile to injustice. Speak up for what is right, no matter the cost. A life worth living is no life at all if you don’t stand up for your fellow man. If you sit by idly while he/she is beaten and slaughtered, then you are no better than the assailant. The time is now to be firm in what you believe because so many are easily swayed into hatred and lies.

Where has humanity gone? It has gone down the drain like cheap liquor on a Saturday night. No more than coffee table conversation. I’d rather not have to say it but it needs to be said…

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